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In Dungeon Crawlers Tera Densin, Valic, Theocles, Vlalkori and RainbowMcFuzzy tackle the various instances in different Tera. Join them in their quest for epic loot and epic rambling.

In this episode, the group tackles the dungeon “Bastion of Lok” in Tera and try to take out the Devas stronghold and their leader. Naturally their path to success is blocked by countless of obstacles in the form of minions and some “Big Ass Monsters.”

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Welcome to Graviton Gaming, this is what we do best! We create videos for gamers created by gamers.

Graviton Gaming consists of a group of gamers that thought: “What the heck, let’s share what fun we have with the YouTubes.” Experience their adventures here on YouTube.
With a mindset of quality over quantity, we shall release videos on a regular basis and try to keep to a schedule.

We try to release videos from a perspective of a group of gamers going into games instead of from a single player perspective.

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Our beloved heisters are back! Densin, Valic, Zara and Theo are back from their vacation to an undisclosed location and are in need of money once again! It’s time to plan more heists, using new techniques and be even more cunning than last time.

Payday 2 releases August 2013

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Description from video. Episode 1 of castle crashers.

What happens when you let 4 lunatics wear armor, wield weapons and magic and let them loose on a quest to save 4 maidens in distress? Castle Crashers with Graviton Gaming happens!

Densin, Valic, Theocles and Alandra team up in what is probably the most chaotic and “lose track of your character” game they’ve played in a long time.

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